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Carpet Drying

Carpet Drying - Floodwater Damage Melbourne

Floodwater Damage Melbourne provides a total drying service and immediate damage restoration, mold remediation, removal of water, smoke and dirtiness. We are specialized in the entire restoration of your home or industrial building after floodwater damage.

Carpet Drying Melbourne

We understand the stress caused by water damage within your home or business. Water damage caused by storms, flooding, burst pipes, or even a fish tank can have an enormous effect on your carpet, causing it to stink or become a place where mould spores will breed.

Quick professional care is required to avoid costly secondary damage (if possible), which can result from this type of water loss situation. In most cases, our highly trained technicians can restore water effected carpet to pre-damaged condition.

How we dry your carpet

  •  An Accredited & Experienced technician Water Damage technician conducts a site visit to assess the damage and provide a detailed report. This report will detail a recommended scope of work to speed up the insurance clearance process.
  • During the inspection visit our priority is the elimination of potential dangers and extraction of excess water to reduce risk to occupants and safeguard your home or business against further potential costly damage & repairs. ( Secondary Damage)
  • Once the scope of works is approved by you and your insurance provider our technicians go straight to work by placing specialty drying and dehumidification equipment in the affected areas.This process includes the removal of non-restorable coverings, contents, and materials so that we can quickly dry and clean your carpet and underlay.
  • We work with you during the Drying and Restoration of your property, this partnership helps eliminate unnecessary stress