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Mould removal products Melbourne

Mould removal products Melbourne



Ready-To-Use 750ml KITS  Spray Away Concentrate ESR Concentrate


SoSafe Spray Away -  Ideal to remove mould, moss, mildew, pollution, dirt, grease and other discolourations on interior hard surfaces including tiles, ceramics, grout, timber, concrete, kitchen, bathroom & laundry areas, walls & ceilings, commercial vehicle interiors. Can even be used on soft furnishings, carpet, shoes etc.


SoSafe External Surface Revival – Ideal  for removing mould, moss, mildew, dirt grease, discolourations etc. from, commercial building exteriors, houses, retaining walls, public toilet areas, bathrooms, boat decks, outside dining areas, around pools, paths, driveways, timber decking, fences and can be used in food coolrooms & cellars.


For Pricing & Supply Details, please call; 0411 790 076


Note: Trade pricing is available to Commercial Cleaners/Contractors, Govt., Fleet & Hospitality accounts.




ESR pH Boosted  - A safe, non hazardous heavy duty Mould and mildew remover, suitable for driveways, factory cleaning, building & home exteriors, timber decks & fences, roofs, pathways, pool surrounds, boat cleaning, retaining walls, cool room cleaning & more. Based on the same formulation as the normal ESR (pH 9) but with the pH elevated to 11.9 - enhancing the products cleaning ability on hard surfaces.

For Pricing & Supply Details please call; 0411 790 076


Note: Trade pricing is available to Commercial Cleaners / Contractors, Govt., Fleet & Hospitality accounts.




SoSafe Safe Air Gel Packs SoSafe Vanilla Fresh


SoSafe Safe Air  - When one person coughs, the whole office catches a cold.. not with Safe Air!! Safe Air is the complete treatment system, developed by SoSafe partners for improved indoor air quality. University tests show SoSafe Safe Air inhibits the 20 most common bacteria, yeast & moulds that circulate through air conditioning systems. These bugs can cause flu-like symptoms, pneumonia, food poisoning, skin rashes, bleeding noses, conjunctivitis, scaled skin, infections, golden staph, ear infections and more. Reduce sick leave by up to 50% & improve health and safety of staff!! SoSafe Safe Air is available as a mould neutralizing gel or in liquid form for fogging machines & spray bottles.


SoSafe Vanilla Fresh -is a safe, effective odour remover from indoor areas such as toilets, garbage areas, carpets, tiles, rubber mats, fridges, cars  and many more. Vanilla Fresh is Ideal for; Hotels, Clubs, Nursing Homes, Hire Cars, Taxis, Buses, Councils, Restaurants (inc. fridges) and where ever there is an odour problem!




Bar Fly, Bacteria and Mould Control Products Beer Tap Plugs


Bar Fly Control Products - SoSafe Spray Away and Bracton Rejuvenator are the ideal combination to remove bar flies, mould, odour and bacteria from bar, under bar and cellar areas. Behind the bar can be the smelliest area in any hotel or club! and if left uncleaned it becomes a breeding ground for mould, bacteria and bar flies. By keeping this area clean & hygienic with SoSafe Spray Away and following up with a simple spray and wipe of Bracton Rejuvenator, you remove the habitat which bar flies require to breed. One clean with Bracton Rejuvenator will last up to 30 Days! The products are safe, easy and very economical to use.


Bracton Beer Tap Plugs - A simple method to reduce barflies and keep your beer taps clean and safe. Avoid the need to wrap beer taps overnight, to keep bar flies, dust, and other contaminants out! These innovative plugs are inserted into the ends of your beer tap, and when removed, they help eliminate the build-up of contaminants and microorganisms that cause bad tasting beer and pose a health risk.