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Enjoy stress-free living with Flood Water Damage Melbourne

With our special water damage restoration machines and expertise, we can fix floods, remove water and sewage damage, remove mould and bacteria and repair your property to an even better condition than what it was in before the damage occurred.


We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all work we undertake. If you're not happy about anything, we guarantee to fix it.


Our customer satisfaction rate is 100%. We care about your property being restored to an amazing state.


We 100% guarantee to get you living back to normal faster than anyone else and as soon as is humanly possible.

We will provide

Your water damage restoration needs

We guarantee that we will get the job done, whether it be water damage from a leaking pipe or from a flood, we've got you covered.

The highest quality flood and water damage restoration so that you can get back to work and continue on with your life.

Why Choose Us!​

Main 3 reasons for choosing Flood Water Damage Melbourne!

Affordable Prices

We ensure to give a high quality experience at an affordable price so you don't break your bank.

Get the Job done

We guarantee that we will get the job done, whether it be water damage from a leaking pipe or from a flood, we've got you covered.

Satisfactory Completion

You can be sure that the job will be done correctly and safely, so that you can proceed with your normal life.

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Our Services

At Floodwater Damage Melbourne, our Water damage repair experts can help you with all your carpet and flood damage restoration, plus we can remove and remediate any toxic mould. We are known for our qualified and experienced technicians that meet the high standards of the Carpet Cleaning Consumer Guide of Australia, we will provide our customers with the best solution for their water damage.

Our powerful truck-mounted equipment will provide immediate relief for you by including floor drying with rapid dryers, mould remediation and bacteria removal. Our friendly operators will assess all of the water damage in your home and check to see if things need to be replaced or refitted. With 24/7 emergency response any day of the week, we can work with our commercial and residential customers and insurance companies to assess and restore as needed.

Special services can provide additional carpet services like mattress, rug or upholstery cleaning along with treatments for fleas or dust mites or pet hair removal. We will deodorise and sanitise free of charge as part of the carpet drying treatment. If carpet repairs are needed because of carpet water damage, that can be handled as well. We offer fast carpet drying and water stain removal with our water damage restoration services.

Known as water damaged carpet experts, Floodwater Damage Melbourne offers the ultimate flood damage repair service with 24/7 emergency response seven days a week. Water damage can be devastating to a homeowner or a business owner so we place a high priority repairing water damage safely and efficiently with a staff of fully qualified and insured water damage technicians, who stringently meet the high Australian standards of the Carpet Cleaning Consumer Guide. We provide powerful truck mounted equipment to work closely with our clients and insurance companies for water stain removal and fast drying.

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Our Team

Our highly trained technicians combined with our friendly staff ensure that you will have a great experience working with us.

We service many areas around Melbourne, spanning wide around the city. Including but not exclusive to Collingwood, South Melbourne, Kingsville and Richmond.

We will repair your water damaged home

Water Damage Restoration

In the moments of crisis when you realise that the clock is ticking and you cannot dry out carpets on your own then you need to call in the experts who have the machinery to do the job. At Floodwater Damage Melbourne, we are on standby 24/7 waiting for your call. We can be on-site within an hour or even less, with our truck-mounted highly powerful suction machines that will have your carpets dry as a bone and looking good in no time.

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Domestic Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne

Carpets harbor dirt and dust mites. At Floodwater Damage Melbourne, we recommend regular carpet steam cleaning to maintain good health in the heritage houses, heritage homes, apartments, flats or units. Whether its carpet cleaning after parties, family get-togethers, apartment vacate carpet cleaning, flat vacate carpet cleaning or unit vacate carpet cleaning, there always seems to be a spill or two.

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What is Flood Damage?

Floods can cause major damage to human lives, property, and livestock. Cities and towns have been devastated due to flood damage. Lives have been lost and homes destroyed. Flooding can cause epidemics due to sewer disposal and contaminated water supplies. Transportation is halted in a lot of communities where flooding has happened. Bridges have collapsed, cars can not drive through the high water and the only means of transportation are boats, helicopters and rafts.

Water damage restoration

Water damage restoration

Floodwater Damage Melbourne is a specialised professional service that can help you recover after suffering water damage. We will document the materials which were affected by the water damage and refer to industry standard pricing guides such as The Blue Book in order to determine the proper value of the residence's materials lost and their service.

Water damage services include the inspection of the affected area(s) with water sensing equipment such as probes and other infrared tools in order to determine the source of the damage, and possible extent of area affected. Restoration services would then be rendered to the residence in order to dry the structure, sanitise any affected or cross contaminated areas, and deodorise all affected areas and materials. After the labour is completed, water damage equipment including, but not limited to, air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, wood floor drying systems, and sub floor drying equipment is left in the residence. After a period of two to three days our the labour is completed, a reevaluation of the residence is taken to monitor the drying process, and any equipment not further needed is removed as to keep the charges under control.

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Carpet flood damage repair

When recovering from water damage, carpets and rugs should be the first to address as they can absorb a large amount of water and prevent the entire structure from drying properly. In addition, Carpet and padding that have been soaked with water contain high amounts of bacteria that present additional health hazards.

Drying Carpets

Drying rugs and carpets as soon as possible is very important to prevent mould from growing. Mould will start growing on carpets and rugs that have been submerged in water for more than 24-48 hours. In this case you will have to discard the damaged carpet.

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Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne

Jobs such as large accommodation hotels, restaurants, body corporate, shop, business offices, school, factory building, reception halls, and even football clubs require professional carpet cleaning. Corporate offices in Melbourne also need the regular carpet steam cleaning to maintain a great healthy environment with management. At Floodwater Damage Melbourne, we accommodate these needs.


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Happy thoughts from Flood Water Damage Melbourne Clients:

"Let me be the first to tell you that Flood Water Damage Melbourne went above and beyond. hey are the best at what they do - mark my words!" - Marissa Bronson

"Having your house get flooded and having to move out was devastating for me and my family. I cried until I fell asleep because I thought our house was ruined. After Flood Water Damage Melbourne restored our property I couldn't believe the results. Thank you so much guys, you really made our lives go back to normal so quickly, I can't thank you enough." - Jessica Doughty

"Responsive in coming to inspect the damage and arranging a quote. The quote was competitive. Friendly, efficient service and was happy with the result." - Monica Logan

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