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At Floodwater Damage Melbourne, you will find water damage repair experts to help you with all your flood damage restoration services needs. Known for our qualified and experienced technicians that meet the high standards of the Carpet Cleaning Consumer Guide of Australia, we will provide our customers with the best solution for their water damage.

Our powerful truck mounted equipment will provide immediate relief in water damage restoration services including floor drying with rapid dryers, mould remediation and bacteria removal. Our friendly operators will assess all the water damage in your home and check to see if the skirting boards or wall boards need to be replaced or refitted. With 24/7 emergency response any day of the week, we can work with our commercial and residential customers and insurance companies to assess and restore as needed.

Special services can provide additional carpet services like mattress, rug or upholstery cleaning along with treatments for fleas or dust mites or pet hair removal. We will deodorise and sanitise free of charge as part of the carpet drying treatment. If carpet repairs are needed because of carpet water damage, that can be handled as well. We offer fast carpet drying and water stain removal with our water damage restoration services.

Effective Insurance Work Available

Floodwater Damage Melbourne is teamed up with 24/7 customer support staff for educating and helping the customers in grabbing suitable Insurance policies. Our Insurance department plays a vital role in executing and addressing insurance concerns with your insurance brand. We stay geared up to handle small to big water seepage and sewage issues.


When you encounter water damage and your household & business property experiences flood damage, a quick and adequate restoration action is required in order to control associated smash-ups and to eliminate structural property harms. Experiencing water damage emergency by your property upsets you with the sewage losses and seepage issues. Such unexpected water thrashing matters and devastation dilemmas can disturb your routine domestic tasks and business workflow by generating tons of worries. We totally understand the gravity of such a troubling situation and help you in saving your valuable assets and expensive belongings by investing extensive experience and professional water restoration efforts. To grab immediate help, you need to specify the seriousness of water damage by contacting our concerned department. We are equipped with innovative damage control plans, sewage controlling techniques, and disciplined staff to execute the received customer request at priority.

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